Discussion Listservs

SEJ's members-only discussion lists (SEJ-Talk, SEJ-Canada, SEJ-Diversity, SEJ-Edu and SEJ-Freelance) can help you keep in touch with fellow SEJ members and stay on top of the latest work in environmental journalism.


  • When you sign up for our listservs, you are not automatically subscribed. This is done manually during business hours, so please wait for the confirmation email before you attempt to post to the listserv(s).
  • Due to changes that Gmail has made to its security protocols, the listservs have been having problems with some Gmail addresses. We are working to resolve the issues. In the meantime, we suggest you subscribe with a non-Gmail address. If you do subscribe with a Gmail address and subsequently have problems of any sort, including but not limited to being bumped off the list, please let us know: [email protected].



Discussion Listserv Archives, Listserv Settings, Unsubscribe Instructions

To access current discussion listserv archives, modify list settings or unsubscribe, go here (it's a University of Missouri website, where SEJ's discussion lists are hosted; if it's your first time there, follow instructions to "Register Password"). When you log in, your user ID will be the email address that is subscribed to that listserv. Click on "Subscriber Options" (on the left-hand side) to work with settings and view the archives (July 2009-present).