Discussion Listservs

SEJ's members-only discussion lists (SEJ-Talk, SEJ-Canada, SEJ-Diversity, SEJ-Edu and SEJ-Freelance) can help you keep in touch with fellow SEJ members and stay on top of the latest work in environmental journalism.

Note: When you sign up for our listservs, you are not automatically subscribed. This is done manually during business hours, so please wait for the confirmation email before you attempt to post to the listserv(s).



Discussion Listserv Archives, Listserv Settings, Unsubscribe Instructions

To access current discussion listserv archives, modify list settings, or unsubscribe, go here (it's a University of Missouri website, where SEJ's discussion lists are hosted; if it's your first time there, follow instructions to request a password). When you log in, your user ID will be the email address that is subscribed to that listserv. Click on "Subscribers Corner" (in the upper left-hand corner) to work with settings and view the archives (July 2009-present).

Older listserv archives are housed on SEJ's old website. Until modifications can be made, you'll need your log-in information for the OLD website for access to those. You will need to follow the following procedure for success! Sorry it's a bit complicated... but this treasure trove is worth it. Login to the Listserv with the email address you used for your subscription: https://po.missouri.edu    On the menu bar, click on "Email Lists". Under Options: click on "Search Archives". Under Narrow Search, use the field to the right of the word "Since" and enter the date you want to begin your search.  NOTE REQUIRED FORMAT FOR DATE [Example: 2014/04/01]. In the field to the right of the word "Until" enter the end date of your search [Example: 2014/04/20]. Scroll down and click the box next to the listserv you want to search. Click on the word "Search". Click on the blue item # to reach the individual post to the listserv. To see more of the list, click on "More Hits" at the bottom of each page until you run out.

If you have problems with this, contact the SEJ office.